We aim to raise awareness of integral health (body, mind and spirit). Here we share issues related to movement, coaching, nutrition and more. We do Coaching at Costa Blanca - Alicante and we are available for those speaking, Portuguese, Spanish and English through Skype.

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El objetivo es criar una conciencia de salud integral (cuerpo, mente y espíritu). Aquí compartimos temas relacionados con el movimiento, coaching, nutrición y mucho más. Hacemos Coaching en la Costa Blanca - Alicante pero también estamos para todos aquellos que hablan portugués, castellano e inglés a través del Skype.

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Factor Vida Leadership Series - LIFE WHEEL

Factor Vida Leadership Series offers you the needed tools to develop LEADERSHIP.
We are mainly talking about Coaching (What's Coaching?) - presenting valuable strategies to develop a new YOU! 
Leaders are healthy, fit and energetic... we will include HEALTH & WELLNESS TIPS so you look after this aspect too.
Factor Vida is here to support you keeping focused in your new life path. 

Today we are going to present you a simple yet valuable assessment tool -  THE LIFE WHEEL - it will help you to determine what and how to work on regarding different life areas. 

How to use the Life wheel?
It's quite simple to use this assessment tool, here's what you have to do:
  • Customise the wheel with the areas that best fit your personality and needs, it doesn't have to be only 8 areas as you see on the picture. There are several alternatives, use what best suites you and the present moment you are living.
  • Being the centre "0" - meaning you are not giving absolute value to this area of your life - and the periphery "10" - meaning your 100% focus on giving value to this life area. Give the evaluation you think best suites your present moment for a specific life area. You might want to reflect upon the following questions in order to give the real score:
    • How are you doing in this specific area, are you performing at your best?
    • Is your life style healthy? Do you rest enough? Do you have healthy eating habits?
    • Are you giving back to society and to the world?
    • Are you having enough leisure time outside work? Are you having adventure in your life?
    • How tuned are you with the energy of the universe? Are you developing your spirituality?
    • Are you achieving your highest potential? Are you being the best you can be?
    • Are you being honest with yourself? Are you respecting yourself?
    • ...
  • After reflecting you'll design a web like the one you see on the picture. Please allow you time to reflect upon the score you gave to your different life areas - Why that specific score for that specific area?
  • If your web is closer to the periphery (9 and 10) it means that you are a leader on those specific areas of your life. If your web has a lower score and you are reading this it means that you are on the path to develop your leadership and looking for the right tools.
  • If you feel that there is a score you want to improve write a list of strategies you could introduce to your live in order to reach a higher score, could be something like;
    • Do a health check-up
    • Go 4 times a week to the gym
    • Walk to the workplace instead of driving
    • Ask for a rise
    • Change work and invest on life passion - do an action plan!
    • Invest savings
    • Buy a new car
    • Call a friend - that one not seen or heard for ages
    • Hire a life-coach
    • Hire a personal trainer
    • Next Sunday see the sun rise
    • Meditate 
    • Read a self-development book
    • Call parents and say how much you love them
    • ...
This is definitely a great exercise to be aware of where you are and where you would like to be... have fun and feel free to share your experience!

Health & Wellness for Leaders
White sugar and synthetic sweeteners are known to irritate the central nervous system, provoking anxiety, depression, fatigue, etc. Replace those with natural, integral and ecological sugar sources like STEVIA (Stevia rebaudiana), which is also caloric free.

Our Leadership Motto, you choose:

Change yourself – NOW. It all starts from WITHIN.

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