We aim to raise awareness of integral health (body, mind and spirit). Here we share issues related to movement, coaching, nutrition and more. We do Coaching at Costa Blanca - Alicante and we are available for those speaking, Portuguese, Spanish and English through Skype.

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El objetivo es criar una conciencia de salud integral (cuerpo, mente y espíritu). Aquí compartimos temas relacionados con el movimiento, coaching, nutrición y mucho más. Hacemos Coaching en la Costa Blanca - Alicante pero también estamos para todos aquellos que hablan portugués, castellano e inglés a través del Skype.

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Factor Vida Leadership Series - 7 Ways you can demonstrate your Personal Leadership by Myriam Callegarin

Factor Vida Leadership Series offers you the needed tools to develop LEADERSHIP.
We are mainly talking about Coaching (What's Coaching?) - presenting valuable strategies to develop a new YOU! 
Leaders are healthy, fit and energetic... we will include HEALTH & WELLNESS TIPS so you look after this aspect too.
Factor Vida is here to support you keeping focused in your new life path. 

7 ways you can demonstrate your Personal Leadership

1. Tidy up your desk, so you feel more relaxed and focused when you work.
2. Clear your clutter: things you don’t like, energy-draining relationships, resentment towards others and yourself (how would you benefit from forgiving?).
3. Practice identifying what YOU really want, not what others want. Awareness is the first step. Afterwards you can decide.
4. Keep your promises: First of all, the ones you make to yourself.
5. Be the first one to take your feelings and dreams seriously: Stop and take time for yourself. Nobody else can do it for you.
6. Stop waiting. Identify what is really important for you, actively plan how to deal with it. Do it.
7. Take 100% responsibility for your successes, for your failures, for your unhappiness, for your happiness.

Myriam Callegarin

Health & Wellness for Leaders
THE MEDITERRANEAN DIET: the healthy effects of the Mediterranean diet is mainly due to its culinary transformations. The foods are traditional cooked quickly and simmer, there are hardly any fried foods, and the oil (mainly olive oil) is used in crude. Among its virtues is that of not using butter or tallow. Dairy products are present in trace amounts and the fish are predominate over the meats.

Our Leadership Motto, you choose:

Change yourself – NOW. It all starts from WITHIN.