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El objetivo es criar una conciencia de salud integral (cuerpo, mente y espíritu). Aquí compartimos temas relacionados con el movimiento, coaching, nutrición y mucho más. Hacemos Coaching en la Costa Blanca - Alicante pero también estamos para todos aquellos que hablan portugués, castellano e inglés a través del Skype.

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Factor Vida - Leadership - The 15 things I have (re) learned at the "Camino de Santiago" this year

Factor Vida Leadership Series offers you the needed tools to develop LEADERSHIP.
We are mainly talking about Coaching (What's Coaching?) - presenting valuable strategies to develop a new YOU! 
Leaders are healthy, fit and energetic... we will include HEALTH & WELLNESS TIPS so you look after this aspect too.
Factor Vida is here to support you keeping focused in your new life path. 

This is for you Juanjo, you will be always flooding our hearts with your smile and the light of your star. Have a "Buen Camino" in your new journey ...

After doing the Camino de Santiago I have allowed myself some time for reflection. I felt the need to accommodate feelings and letting the dust settle down before sharing with you what I re-learned and learned from this always fantastic experience;

1. To have faith in me, in people and in Life - living with faith is to live accepting; accepting that everything is where it should be and that life gives us everything we need to evolve and that only gives us what we are prepared to face...

2. Patience is one of the ingredients of happiness and drastically reduces the risk of having a heart attack ;-).

3. To respect my and others rhythm - going slow is fine - even better than going slow is to respect MY own rhythm, it's the only way I learn things that otherwise would not be possible; in every tree, every flower, every animal, every sign, in every smile and every Person there is a valuable message

4. That I am capable of achieving more than I thought - especially when I hear my heart, especially when I believe that I can. This is the feeling of many pilgrims when they reach the "Cebreiro" (mountain at the entrance of Galicia), after climbing a significant slope for 8 km. Believe me when I say that for the vast majority climbing this slope leaning in something more than physical strength is a need. The reward - a feeling of victory and consciousness of the power lying within ... "YES!!!!"

5. To be more creative - I learned that being more connected with nature and to the people around me brings me peace. Which at the "Camino" was translated in allowing space for creativity and expressed in my travel notes and ideas for my business and for my life.

6. To adapt - every day at the "Camino" is a different day; new villages, new people, a different route and many situations that are also new - having a flexible mind and power of adapting is essential for enjoying the journey.

7. To know how to listen - when you really listen to others you allow a safe space of discovery, of consciousness, of learning and of empathy - you built links and real relationships. You also learn to respect ...

8. To watch for the "Camino" messages - at the "Camino" messages are in every corner ... you find them written in stones - literally - "watching for" means finding the answers I seek.

9. That sharing with others makes me happier - this is one of the most fantastic lessons of the "Camino"; sharing smiles, tears, joy, achievements and life experiences with people from all around the world, of all skin colors and beliefs makes me swell with joy and satisfaction.

10. That everyone is entitled to a second opportunity - a lot of (bad) initial judging fades when we know deeper someone, you just have to give them room to Be and observe and listen.

11. To appreciate what I have out of the Camino de Santiago - despite being different contexts. When I'm there I give much value to the relationship with my girlfriend, my family and friends who are great! And I highly value my bed (only if you do the "Camino" you'll fully understand what I'm talking about :-)) and my home that are the best in the world ... that is, I learned to really value what I have.

12. Not to judge and to respect - this leads to acceptance and as I mentioned before, accepting is having peace ... It is raising the other and it is getting down from my pedestal ... it is feeling equal!

13. To learn from the past without staying there - a Friend pilgrim told me "... yes, last year there was a special group, but this year there's also special people out there - search and you will find them" - Thanks David P. for your words.

14. That being authentic is safe - in a society where people wear a lot of masks - the good friend mask, the good partner mask, the person who cares mask, the perfection mask... the "mega-cool" mask - to be authentic and to be who you are and say what you feel is a huge relief for the heart. In the Camino de Santiago I've learned that when sharing with others I can talk about who I am and what I really feel because I don't have to proof nothing to anyone.

15. To be more aware of my body, my limits and my needs - I know that I was prepared and that the amount of kilometers I've walked were adapted to my body and to my mind. My backpack weighed 5.5 kg and had all the essential for supplying my needs along the way. I knew that only like that was possible to enjoy the "Camino" and to offer my support and be available for others.

Getting out of our usual environment awakens us to a different world, rich and stimulating ... it makes us grow as humans and we can share and learn from other wonderful human beings. The "Camino" is one of the laboratories of the soul that has given me the most so far. It is a faithful representation of life. This is why next year I'll be there with anyone that desires to Self-discover.

Nutrition for leaders
Being prepared for the demanding mental effort of our jobs and personal life implies having a special attention to the way we feed ourselves; "the quality of our inter-neurones connections is what makes us artists" (D. Hervé Castel).
For the good function of the neurones we need magnesium of high bio-availability and polyunsaturated fatty acids (the famous omega 3 and 6) which are also important precursors of natural anti-inflammatories among many other properties.

The following table gives you the food where you can find these nutrients;

Magnesium (mg) 350mg/day
Omega 3 (1*) 2gr/day
Omega 6 (5*) 10gr/day
Gray sea salt from Brittany, periwinkles, wheat germ and cocoa, almonds, beans, white beans, bread, chickpeas, corn, spinach, kelp, millet, sesame, yeast
Algae and marine animals (sardines, salmon, mackerel, tuna, cod liver oil), flax, plankton, walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts, peanuts.
Oils from; safflower, sunflower, soybean, corn, sesame, palm, and others made ​​from borage seed, evening primrose and black currant. Dry fruits, sunflower seeds, whole grains, legumes, peanuts, margarine, mayonnaise, grapes, chicken and pork

*maximum ideal proportion for a healthy body (source - Dr. Herve Castel). Notice that the current average proportion in Europe is from 15xω6 to 1xω3 and from 25xω6 to 1xω3 in the US. The goal is to diminish the quantity of food rich in ω6 from our diet.
There are moments of our lives that taking these nutrients in the form of supplements is necessary. Ask your therapist or doctor before auto-medication.

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